I help couples in Romantic Relationship build strong emotional connection and love

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Feeling frustrated, tired, and lonely in the relationship with your spouse or partner?

Hello there, thanks for dropping by.  My name is Azah, and I am a Couple Counsellor. I am passionate about helping couples who feel like they are stuck in patterns of hurtful behaviours, and don’t know how to repair the relationship. 

Nobody teaches us how to have a relationship with the one we chose to spend the rest of our life with.  We know when we don’t feel loved, heard or seen by our partner, it is excruciating.  It is painful for both of you.  

When couples understand how they get into their negative patterns, they can also learn how to restore their relationship to give it hope, confidence and feel loved.

I offer support and a safe space for couples to learn how to

    1. Repair the ‘endless’ cycles of arguing and distress

    2. Reconnect and navigate back to emotional safety and intimacy

    3. Restore the relationship.

Where are you in your relationship? You could either be arguing every day and perhaps on the brink of divorce or separation. Or you love each other so much, and there is no real no concern until you get into a fight with each other. Or you would like to check in with each other and see if everything is ok.  Like a marriage MOT. Or anything in between.

So how can I help you to repair, reconnect and restore your relationship?  During the sessions with me, you will learn how to recognise your negative patterns of ‘blame-defend’ or ‘attack-withdraw’.  You will learn how to express your needs that can be heard and land on your partner and understood by each other.  You will learn how to heal from past hurtful events and repair argument. 

My approach to counselling is called Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).  EFT can be applied to many different relationship scenarios and with couples of diverse backgrounds.  A counselling session lasts for one hour and can take between 12 to 20 session.  EFT research states 70% to 75% of people move from distress to recovery and 90% show significant improvement.  Follow up studies have a long-lasting positive result. 

If what I have said here resonates with you, and you would like to find out more please get in touch by clicking here.

learn to

Repair, Reconnect and Restore your relationship

couple counselling

Hi, I’m Azah.

I work with couples from diverse backgrounds and issues.

Couples learn to repair, reconnect and restore their relationship.

I use Emotionally Focused Therapy as my approach to couple’s therapy. 


Couple Counselling

What past client's say

Eve filed for divorce because for years her marriage had made her loose her sense of self. She was constantly on edge and it was affecting her work. Counselling was advised to her as the 'final call'.

They were both open to marriage counselling because so much was at stake. After a long journey, the couple recognised and resolved their issues and decided to remain married.

Today they act like teenagers in love to the embarrassment of their own teenagers.

Eve adams
Remmaze's wife found out he was having an affair. During the sessions, they journeyed through the pain together.

They understood how it all went wrong in their relationship and started to make changes to heal and mend.

Today, they live by the beach and added a new baby girl to their growing family.
Rin was unhappy in her marriage. Even though her husband was a very nice man, she felt so alone.

There was no outburst or major fights in their relationship but she felt that although her husband was physically there, he had lost interest in her and their family.

Rin wanted her marriage to work but realised that it was better for her to move on. She is now focused on her career and bringing up her children.

Her children are happy and feel like they have a mini holiday every weekend with their father.
Her children were happy but Sue felt she did not have her husband bringing up the family with her. She felt tired and alone. She tried to let him now but it fell on deal ears.

When Sue had a meltdown did Seth realise there was something wrong. He initiated counselling and made the time to come. Today, Sue has never seen Seth so involved with the children.

He plans date nights and family holidays. But they didn't plan to get pregnant again with their third child.
Sue & Seth

My clients above have generously given me permission to share their story with you with the promise I do not use their actual names.*

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