“The perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other”
Kate Stewart

How Can I help you?

What you really want from your relationship is someone who will be there for you ‘no matter what’.  

That you are number one above everything else.

You want a best friend, an exclusive lover and a better sex life.

You would like frequent and good communication with your other half and to share the ups and downs of your life with.

You want someone who cares, who is dedicated to the relationship.  

Making you feel loved, needed, safe and removing many of fears.


You want to say something to your partner for a long time and you are really worried you will hurt them or that they will get angry.

Or you have tried to resolve things but you are not getting any response.  

You know if you don’t communicate properly, things will start to brew and bubble. 

And if you wait any longer things might just explode or someone has had an affair or asked for a divorce.

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 Counselling is a safe space to say whatever you need, be heard, be seen and reconnect.

The couples that have been for couple’s counselling with me have notice they have better connection with their partner. So they have less fights, better understanding of each other and better communication. 

Some couples have also noticed improved sexual intimacy because they are now feeling emotionally close and feeling warm and fuzzy inside. 


I'm Azah and I help couples talk, reconnect and love again

My first marriage did not work out and ended up in divorce. I know how it feels being stuck in a relationship with no solution in sight. 

My purpose now is to help couples who feel stuck in their marriage or relationship get back to the happy place and remind them why they fell in love in the first place. I use an evidence based, short term therapy approach to couples counselling that works.

About me
Azah Yazmin MSSc MBACP

I trained as a couples counsellor and use Emotionally Focused Therapy in my sessions. It is a short term approach to couple counselling.  You can read more about it here.

The research says this couples counselling approach, 70-75% of couples move from distress to recovery and approximately 90% show significant improvements.  So you can be sure of a change in your relationship.

Primarily using this technique, I have helped many couples move from frustration, anger and loneliness to feel safe, secure and happy with their relationship. 

I am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)


I graduated with Masters in Counselling Psychology from University Kebangsaan Malaysia and I trained as a couples counsellor using Emotionally Focused Therapy as my modality.

I am bilingual and speak both English and Bahasa Malaysia fluently. I can understand and speak basic Bahasa Indonesia and I am currently learning German. 

I am a third culture kid (TCK).  Which means I was raised in a culture other than my parents’ passport country for a good number of my formative years.  

Being a TCK is my superpower because it makes me very sensitive and appreciative of religious, cultural and diversity of couples I work with.


My Client's experience working with me

Azah helped me organise my thoughts and feelings. Before I felt overwhelmed and confused. Thank you for handling the sessions with kindness and patience.
As first timers to marriage counselling, I was glad to be able to have the space to air out our frustration, anger and disappointment in a neural setting. It was a relief to finally be heard.
It is really a gift and a great to be able to help people through such painful experiences and critical points. Wonderful counselling style which I found to be at once, gentle, firm, subtle, open, guiding.
Eve A.
I had an affair and it was my fault. Counselling helped turn our marriage around for the better. We were able to gained back the trust and love. And the sex is better too!

My clients above have generously given me permission to share their story with you with the promise I do not use their actual names.*

I have worked with many couples just like you.
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