Why am I blogging?

Why am I blogging?

Hi there, my name is Azah and I am a relationship counsellor and I specialise in couple counselling. I have been a counsellor for almost 10 years now. I am originally from Malaysia but now I am based in London. I have a drive in me to learn how to have a relationship and what a good relationship looks and feels like. I think it comes from wanting to better my own relationships and myself. And that led me to a career in counselling and eventually into couples counselling.

Why am I blogging? Good question! Since I am not super confident in writing and I have imposter syndrome, I decided to blog to help me get over these two hurdles. Why?

Because when I chat with people, be it friends, family and sometimes clients, I find myself answering the same questions. People I meet have the same worry and anxiety around relationships. So I find myself like a broken record or a CD that’s jumping when I have a conversation around their relationship queries. I repeat the same answers. Or I find myself researching for the answer if I don’t know it.

So the reason I am blogging is to document these answers (although I don’t mind repeating myself if you ask me in person) and also document my research on couple relationships. My hope is that other couples who may read this blog will benefit from it too.

Another reason I am blogging is to help couples know and learn about couple relationships. And that it’s ok if you are feeling stuck in your relationship. Or if you are having a good relationship but there are some parts of the relationship that can be better. Either way, it’s ok to learn more about couple relationship and its ok to ask for help. I want more couples to look for help because we all deserve to have and be in a safe and loving relationship.

I have written a couple of blogs already. Like;

More blogs to come in the coming month. There is a comment section below if you like to give me a comment. Or if you have any questions or have something about relationships you would like me to research I would be happy too.

Thanks for reading my blog.