How it works & fees

How it works.

You have done the first step by identifying you need support. Counselling can be a challenging process and I can appreciate that.  So I invite you to have a free, no obligation discovery phone call to see if my service is the right one for you. At the end of the call we can decide on a date to meet up and assess your situation.  This is also an opportunity for us to experience what it is like to work together. If after the assessment we can decide if we would like to continue to work together.  If so, we shall arrange a weekly slot. Individual sessions and couple’s therapy last for 50 minutes and for discernment counselling, it lasts for 120 minutes.  


For individual session/Hopeful Spouse Counselling fees are £80 per therapeutic hour.  For couple/marriage counselling, I operate on a staggered-discount fee structure aimed at encouraging clients to stay with the therapy process in order to reach their intended goals.  For couple/marriage counselling fees start at £180 – £130. Discernment counselling start at £290 – £130 (2-hour session).

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